Home Goods

Tango Reps offers unique candles, tableware, bath products, and more.



The Cucina kitchen collection takes you on a journey into the heart of Italy, all from the comfort of home! Discover our fresh, aromatic fragrances designed specifically for the kitchen. Cooking will become your favourite part of the day!


Fussy Ruff

Sometimes you have to be fussy to find what you fancy. Fussy Ruff creates unique and intriguing hand crafted Soy Wax scented candles.


Le Cadeaux

Le Cadeaux was established in 2002 with a strong creative vision, a passion to capture all life’s special moments and to turn ordinary events into extraordinary life experiences. With this vision continuing today, Le Cadeaux continues to innovate and inspire with our lifestyle, gift, and home collections.



We have always designed our packaging in-house, which is “Kalastyle.” Our dedication to the exploration of using natural elements (from both land and sea) to formulate high-quality products that nurture the skin and senses has never been stronger.


Linneas Lights

From the introduction of our iconic double-wick, small-batch soy candle in 2009 to the present day, our core values remain constant: our products are made with mindfully and ethically sourced materials.


mary lake-thompson

From soaps, to towels, aprons, bath products, drawer liners, sachets and most recently, napkins and hats, Mary has been able to use her own unique designs on all of these products as well as using reproductions of handpicked vintage art.



A modern take on classic housewares. A modern take on classic housewares. We design, manufacture and ship our flour sack towels, cotton napkins, glycerine soap and greeting cards etc., out of our Northern California factory.